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*** UK Birth Adoption Contact Register Announces It's 1600th Reunion ***

We've now made contact with baby xxxxxxxxxx who is, indeed, our sister. Her name is now xxxxxxx and she is xxxxxx's wife (the person I found on Facebook was his ex wife - oops). Both my brother xxxxxxxx and I have had long conversations with her on the phone, and we're now trying to sort out a date to meet up in the next few weeks.

She started her search for us around 20 years ago and had apparently tried to make contact with my mum a couple of times, with no response. Sadly my mum was in quite poor health for her last few years and I think maybe it was a little too much for her to deal with.

xxxxxxxx was aware of me as she found my birth certificate a number of years ago, but for some reason didn't discover that she also has three brothers and another sister. She thought about phoning me a few times, but once she discovered my mum had died she decided against it in case I didn't know about her.

It was purely by fluke that I discovered her existence and it's only taken a couple of weeks to trace her - mainly thanks to your websites and and your personal help, so I'd like to thank you very much for what you've done for all of us and, I'm sure, for many, many other people too.

If you also have a reunion story to tell, please drop us an e-mail!


The Contact Register has been founded by Missing Links UK in association with as the ultimate resource for all adopted people, birth parents, brothers, sisters and extended natural family members, wishing contact with one another, to be able to register their interest.

All using it must be eighteen years of age or over. To join, simply click REGISTER.

In the case of brothers, sisters or other family relatives some evidence, showing proof of relationship maybe required upon a successful match in the database.

Acceptance of registration is subject to the approval of the Administrators

A small one time only Registration fee of £10 sterling is required to place your details into the database.

Registration can be made by:-

  • Completing an on-line Application form and submitting payment by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal.
  • Copying the registration form and mailing it together with a cheque or money order.

    Make payable to: P.M.Field
    Postal Address: 16 Hawthylands Road
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    To copy the registration form, click on Register, select your registration type, and print from your browser.

    If you have any questions, or if you have any problem signing up, don't hesitate to contact us on the helpdesk e-mail address below.

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